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Equine Rehabilitation Therapist Jorun MH Skryseth


VAT. No. 976 531 698

Phone: 0047 920 52 438


Treating horses across the country!

I can receive orders by SMS or email.

Price: 1050 NOK (approx. $120) per. treatment plus standard rates for driving
(NOK 3.50/km which equals approx. $0.35/mile)

Equine Rehabilitation Therapy

… Where the main goal is to prevent the problems

A Equine Rehabilitation Therapist works from a holistic view. We try to understand which processes are causing the various symptoms. The whole affects the parts and the parts affect the whole, not just the next part of the chain.

Equine rehabilitation therapy should be seen as a supplement to classic school medicine, not as a substitute. The therapist works with problems in the horse’s movement apparatus, and such problems often arise as a result of asymmetry in musculature. This in turn can lead to reduced mobility, pain, stiffness, impaired performance and altered behavior.

In order to achieve an optimal movement pattern, symmetry and flexibility of the horse’s muscles and movement apparatus is a necessity. Consequently, the load will be evenly distributed and overloads and damages will be easier to avoid.

When to contact an Equine Rehabilitation Therapist:

  • To prevent medical conditions
    • General muscle soreness / stiffness
    • Soreness / stiffness in the back area
    • Reluctance to work
    • Decreased level of performance
    • Noticeably stiffer / stronger on one side
    • Short step / rhythmic movements
    • The horse walks on two tracks
    • Stiffness of the book
    • After injuriesThere may be other reasons than mentioned to contact an Equine Rehabilitation Therapist, but these are the most common ones.About me:I graduated from ISHU / HTU Strömsholm, Sweden in 1998. The education is a two-year full-time education. The school ends with a diploma and a master’s thesis. All my practice during education was done in collaboration with veterinarians. The subjects included anatomy, histology, physiology, neurology, osteology, arthritis, myology, pathology, exercise physiology, equine psychology, the teaching of acupuncture chiropractic and homeopathy.I am a resident of Nannestad, Norway and I do mainly outcalls. I also have the opportunity to receive horses for shorter or longer treatment stays at home.I am also a trained riding instructor from the Norwegian Equestrian Center, Starum (graduated in 1989), and have many working years behind me as a founder and manager of a riding school.

Nowadays, my main focus is treatment of horses.

I have many active years as a competition rider on Icelandic horses, also as a member and representative in the national team in Norway, participating in the European Championships and Nordic Championships in the 1980s.

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